We Understand the Issues Behind the Behavior

Problem Behavior Dog Training Sarasota and Bradenton Dog Owners Love

There can be several reasons why dogs behave in problematic ways. Most of the time, problem behaviors are fear or anxiety based. Sometimes it can be, quite simply, that the dog has not yet learned the correct behavior. Some dogs get into destructive behavior because they are either bored, not getting enough exercise, or not being stimulated or challenged enough. Because dogs are now living in more domestic and urban environments, they are not always able to be “dogs” in the way they have been in the past. They are unable to continue their canine careers. In short, they have become unemployed. We help you give your dog a job and channel these instinctive canine behaviors in positive and “socially” acceptable ways.

Examples of Problem Behaviors Include:

  • excessive barking
  • inappropriate chewing
  • biting (mouth too hard/nipping)
  • excessive jumping up or over fences
  • digging
  • uncontrollable pulling on leash
  • stealing food – counter-surfing
  • reluctance to get off furniture
  • excessive or hyper energy
  • resource (food/toy/owner) guarding
  • fear or aggressive behavior towards other dogs
  • fear or aggressive behavior towards people or children
  • separation anxiety
  • submissive urinating

Barking, chewing, digging, and hyperactivity are typical canine behaviors. Dogs that do these things can be trained to behave differently, especially if you have an expert to guide you. With our help and guidance we can give you and your dog a new lease on life. We can help you understand how to channel the dog’s chewing and digging and allow your dog to “be a dog” without allowing him to destroy your furniture or other possessions. 

If you have a dog that is exhibiting fear or aggression towards other dogs or people, there are very effective methods of dealing with that fear or aggression. We can desensitize your dog to what he or she fears and build confidence so that he or she will be more comfortable and less aggressive. We can also train your dog to control and inhibit biting, lunging, barking, growling and other anti-social behaviors. Building confidence will reduce the dog’s fear and the need to act on his or her instincts to defend themselves or others. You can feel safe taking your dog out in public with different kinds of dogs, people and situations. We offer the best aggressive dog training Sarasota, Bradenton, and the rest of the Suncoast has to offer. We can work with you privately, or you may want to consider our group based and hugely successful Advanced Meet & Greet.

Important Information: Issues involving aggression require an in-person consultation and assessment of the dog(s) prior to discussion of fees or time/sessions needed. Please contact us for further information.