A Positive Experience

"We recently had our five month old bichon participate in a seven day one/one training session with Andy at Good CitiZEN Dog Training. We truly forgot how time consuming and frustrating training a puppy could be. No matter how many articles/"how to" books we read, we could not get our puppy to understand our commands. When we dropped him off for the training, Cody was a rambunctious and was, at times, a wild man. Although he was so cute he often made us laugh; we wanted a well behaved dog as part of our family. We understood that training would be an on-going responsibility but we couldn't seem to even get a start on him listening to our commands. Cody had seven days of one/one training and 13 days of playtime socialization with other small dogs. I am sure that he had so much fun during his stay at Ace Pet Resort and with his training with Andy. We picked up a different dog! He no longer nipped at us and began to listen to our commands. He was much calmer and was so much fun to be around. I believe the most important part of the training was the session that Andy had with us. Cody was amazing with him; he paid such close attention to what Andy was telling him to do and was always seeking his approval. Andy spent time listening to our needs and was very patient in showing us the proper hand signals and correcting actions that were required. He spent ninety minutes with us and made sure that we had a good understanding of all of the commands. We were so pleased with the results that we have requested one or two home sessions with Andy to reinforce some of the commands to an environment that Cody will be in on a daily basis. We plan to spend at least one hour per day on the various commands and games with Cody. He is such a joy to be around and we are having so much fun with him!"

- Pam and Jack H. Holmes Beach, F

Thank you!

"We are so happy with our results. Our dog was getting very difficult to manage, she jumped on everyone she met. Walking her was a nightmare, she pulled on her leash and was almost uncontrollable. After one session with Andy we saw a remarkable difference. We learned how to get her attention and keep control. After 6 classes with other dogs we can now take her out in public and she actually behaves. People even compliment us on what a good dog we have! We couldn't have done it without Good CitiZEN Dog Training, thanks Andy!"

- Donna P. Parrish, FL

Saved Two Dogs… and our Sanity

"We recently lost our older dogs and decided to adopt two rescues. We were experienced owners, so we chose older dogs (7-12 months) who had less chance of successful adoption. We ended up with an English Shepherd and a Ridgeback mix, each about 50 pounds of energy. But we had underestimated the challenge of adopting two dogs who had spent their formative years locked in cement kennels! We had problems with obedience, recall, chewing, running away (which is why Kalli is wearing a GPS collar), destructive behavior, house training... you name it, we faced it. Finally reaching the point of returning the dogs and starting over, we decided to contact some trainers. Of the five trainers we emailed, Andy at Good CitiZEN gave us the most thoughtful and extensive response. We chose him, and everything turned around on a dime. Good CitiZEN uses only positive reinforcement, and it emphasizes focus by the dog... they can't obey you if they aren't listening. After 6 lessons, both dogs recall from any distance. They sit, lie down, stay, leave it, drop it, walk on a loose leash, wait when told on command. We were able to keep --- and enjoy --- both rescues. Highly recommended."

- Paige & Bob C. Sarasota, FL

Complete Turn Around

"We have two Puggles with very different personalities. In just a few sessions with the help of Good CitiZEN, my wife and I were able to use the techniques to correct the negative behaviors. It was simply amazing how simple the techniques are to grasp. Once you get the basics it’s really endless as far as you can take it; as long as you remain dedicated to spending the time each day with your loved ones. If you're having any thoughts of contacting a Dog trainer, then Good CitiZEN Dog Training is your #1 Pick. Convenient Appointments, Excellent Follow-up Material, and well prepared with training aids."

- Scott & Lori M. Parrish, FL

Good CitiZEN is the Best

"After going through Andy's class, Hachi, my Akita is doing great. A month ago I would have never walked Hachi through the Farmer’s Market in Downtown Sarasota, I was too scared because he reacted to others dogs and I would be nervous, and then Hachi would pick up on my nerves and act out more............After going through the Advanced Meet and Greet class with Andy, it's totally different. Saturday on Graduation day we all walked around downtown Sarasota, Andy guiding our way, Hachi (my dog) was very relaxed which in turn made me relaxed. It's amazing, the difference after 4 or 5 weeks. I feel confident to walk Hachi pretty much anywhere.....Thanks Andy I would highly recommend this class to everyone.... Thanks again Andy and Good CitiZEN Dog Training!"

- Carol G. Bradenton, FL

Advanced Meet & Greet Class

“I've had at least 4 trainers work with Ellie for leash reaction in the past. It had been very frustrating for my family and our fur baby. While she still has more milestones to complete, working with Andy at Good CitiZEN has been amazing, a real eye opener! He has given us the tools and given Ellie the confidence to continue our journey. Thank you Andy!”

- Kelly W. Parrish, FL

Can’t Wait to Start Puppy II Classes!


“Andy went above and beyond to accommodate my lab Koda and I. Koda was 8 weeks when I brought him home and I wanted to get him in training right away. When I contacted Andy, the Puppy K class had started the week prior. Nevertheless, Andy came to our home for the one-on-one consultation and caught Koda up so that I could enroll him in the class sessions. I must say, Koda has done a complete 180 in only five weeks. Although he is still a baby with typical puppy tendencies, he has made tremendous progress. He knows all of the basic commands, walks great on the leash, and just mastered "leave it!" (which comes in handy for a lab who tries to eat everything in sight!) Not only was the training successful, but Koda loved going to class and socializing with the other puppies. I am so pleased with his progress and will be enrolling in the Puppy II class. Andy is not just a great dog trainer. He really does care about your pet as well. It was neat to watch his relationship with Koda, and with the other dogs in our class, grow and strengthen each week. Ultimately, I am more than satisfied with our first experience with Good CitiZEN Dog Training and look forward to continuing to work with Andy in the Puppy II class!”

- Catherine B. Lakewood Ranch, FL

We Learned So Much!

“I'm completely happy with the training Andy provided for Finnegan and me. I was very frustrated with some of Finn's behaviors and really wanted to find a trainer that would come to my house. In 4 fun sessions my dog is a changed animal! We practiced what Andy taught us to do and it works! Finnegan is listening so much better and I feel like I'm in control - well, most of the time. Andy was wonderful with Finnegan and his love for animals is clearly evident. I know that Finnegan and I need to practice his new skills every day in order for him to reach proficiency! I would highly recommend Good Citizen Dog Training to anyone who would like to have a dog who is a pleasure to be around. Andy Sands knows what he is doing!”

- Susan T. Bradenton, F

I Enjoy Taking My Dog Out in Public Now!

“My husband and I have two English Bulldogs and had ideas of taking them with us everywhere. Our female is great. We can take her anywhere and she will behave herself. Our male, Chubbs, was another story. Chubbs was obnoxious, had a very hard time with impulse control and was becoming crabby when meeting other dogs. After taking the Advanced Meet and Greet class with Andy, I can say that is has been a pleasure hanging out with both of my dogs in public. Chubbs no longer has any issues greeting other dogs, is doing much better with walking next to me (as opposed to pulling me down the street) and can calmly hang out on dog friendly patios. It is truly a pleasure to sit outside on a sunny day and enjoy a meal with BOTH of my dogs who will hang out calmly and quietly next to us. A big thank-you to Andy!”

- Jaime S. Sarasota

Good CitiZEN Genuinely Cares

“Andy came to our home to meet our puppy before allowing him into the training class. He spent over an hour talking and listening to us, and observing our puppy's behavior. He offered many good tips and suggestions that evening and we felt very comfortable taking our puppy to his class. The classes themselves were informative and fun. Our dog is a rescue and desperately needed socialization. Andy would always allow some time at the beginning of class so our dog could socialize/play with the other dogs in the class. The best thing I can say about Andy and Good CitiZEN is that he/they genuinely care about your puppy and his/her well-being.”

- Drew H. Bradenton, FL

A Wonderful Trainer for Nervous Dogs

“I have a weimaraner/greyhound mix I recently adopted from a shelter. She's a very sweet dog but has a lot of fear issues. Andy was recommended to me by Betty R at Hooves Paws and Claws. I wasn't sure she was ready for a trainer but decided to give him a call. And I am so very happy I did. The first day he came over, Tesla laid on the bed and shook, was too scared to move. By the end of the session he was able to hand feed her treats and pet her face and neck. He gave me very useful advice pertaining to her specific needs which I've been able to use on a daily basis, He came back in 2 weeks and Tesla was able to recognize him and did not show any fear. I completely recommend Andy for any dog owner who wants to help make their pet have a happier life. Andy has an in-depth knowledge of animal behavior and his gentle attitude towards animals is a treat for this owner!”

- Kerri L, Bradenton, F

Beretta Transformed

“Our 1 year old Great Dane, Beretta, worked with trainer Andy for almost a month. Before we put Beretta into his capable hands we were having issues with her energy level, jumping, barking, and simple tricks. Over the course of that month she transformed! She trained till she dropped! Every day of her training she became more attentive and calm. Another great trait she took away was her socialization issues. She didn't quite know how to play with other dogs before Good CitiZEN. Now our dog park visits she is the one starting the playtime! Beretta requires a lot of patience and she runs out of concentration fairly quickly. Andy was able to circumnavigate those obstacles and get through to her and help give her and us the tools to be the great family member we knew she could be! We are very thankful for his very hard work and couldn?t do it without the help of Andy and Good CitiZEN. We will definitely continue working with Good CitiZEN. Thank you Andy!”

- Christine M.