10 Resolutions for Rover (Part 6)

Welcome back to the Suncoast Dog Blog. Today, we finish up the series " 10 Resolutions for Rover." We have covered 9 resolutions so far, and today we conclude with our final resolution. 

Resolution #10: Get Your Dog’s Attention.
Play games with your dog that help her to focus on you. Hold a treat in front of your nose. The second the dog looks into your eyes, make a sound (like a “beep,” or a “buzz”). The sound means, “You’re going to get a treat.” After you’ve made the sound, hold her attention for three-four seconds, then deliver the treat. Once the dog understands that the sound means a treat is coming, you will be able to keep her attention for longer periods of time. Make it a contest, and see how long you can get your dog to “gaze into your eyes” for a treat. Dogs basically have ADHD, and this game will help you, and them, overcome this issue. In return you will gain much greater focus and attention from your furry friend. Dogs love this game, and you will too.

Dogs don’t make resolutions; they don’t sit around and ponder how to improve themselves. . . . they don’t have to. Without trying they make our lives so much better. They make us laugh, and are always happy to see us. It’s up to you to be resolved. Make a promise to integrate training into your dog’s daily routine. By doing so, you will find yourself having more fun with your dog and enjoying improved behavior at the same time.