10 Resolutions for Rover (Part 5)

Welcome back to the Suncoast Dog Blog. We are on the tail end of the series “10 Resolutions for Rover." We have covered 7 resolutions so far, and today we will explore resolutions 8 and 9. 

Resolution #8: Resolve chewing problems.
Many people complain about their dog chewing on all of the wrong things. We have some responsibility in this matter as well. Let’s remember to make sure we pick up and put away things that we value, that may also put our dog in the emergency vet clinic. In the mind of a dog, if something is laying around, it’s a chew toy. It’s best not to tempt fate. Then, make sure your dog gets a good chew session in everyday, on something that actually does belong in his mouth, such as, an antler, bully stick, stuffed Kong, etc. Dogs have an inner need to chew, and this will help satiate that need. If something that belongs to you finds its way into your dog’s mouth, don’t get angry. Instead, replace it with an acceptable item. 

Resolution #9: Stop saying “No.”
The word “no” has probably been used so much in your dog’s life, for multiple reasons, with no real consequences, that it means nothing to the dog. Dogs are visual learners and understand facial expressions and body language, more than they ever will understand verbal language. A good “uh-uh” with a grimace will get you a great deal more than a “no” used over and over without effect.

We have covered 9 resolutions for your dog, and have one more to go. Join me next week as we conclude the series "10 Resolutions for Rover."