10 Resolutions for Rover (Part 4)

Welcome back to the Suncoast Dog Blog! We are in the middle of the series "10 Resolutions for Rover." We are halfway through our list of resolutions to help you have a better relationship with your canine companion. Now, without further delay, here come resolutions 6 and 7. 

Resolution #6: Take a walk with your dog. 
Now that you are using the right tools, get out and walk with your dog. Walking your dog is an extremely healthy activity. Not only is it good exercise for both of you, it also gives you a chance to spend meaningful time together. During the walk you are actually giving your dog a job to do. He has to pay attention to you, follow your lead, respond to commands, and be a good companion during your outing. At least two healthy walks per day will help reinforce the behaviors you want to see repeated. In addition, the walk will help tire him out, satisfy his need for attention, and give him exercise to boot. It’s not such a bad thing for your health either.

Resolution #7: Stick to a routine.
Dogs prefer a life that is predictable. They respond best when they understand the routine. Keep feeding times, walks, play sessions, etc. on the same schedule each day. If there is a slip and you take the dog off the routine, expect the dog’s behavior to slip as well. Stick to a routine as much as possible, and your dog’s behavior will benefit.

We have now covered 7 of the 10 resolutions for your dog. Join me next week as we move on to resolutions 8 and 9.