10 Resolutions for Rover (Part 3)

We are in the middle of the series “10 Resolutions for Rover” in which we are discussing ten practical and easy training tips to help you have a better relationship with your fur baby. Three resolutions have been introduced thus far, and we continue on today with numbers 4 and 5. 

Resolution #4: Make training a lifestyle-do it every day.
Set aside 2-3 minutes, two-three times per day for training. That’s it; 2-3 minutes, two-three times per day. However, you must do this every day, because even the most well-trained dog will regress without ongoing attention. Just a small amount of time and effort each day will encourage good behavior with your favorite furry friend. Pick a different skill each time you work with your dog, and only reward for performing well. Remember, the praise and the treat put you in a position of power. You get to decide when, and if a reward is warranted. Do not give these things out unless there is good reason.

Resolution #5: No pulling on leash-use the right tools.
Please banish the retractable leashes from your household and get a solid leather leash, and a good front clip harness. Like every other discipline, training is so much easier with the proper tools. A leather leash has more power and will give you maximum control with the least amount of effort on your part. A well-designed front clip harness (I prefer Softouch Concepts) properly fit and worn snugly will encourage the dog to walk alongside you without pulling. This combination will reduce pulling by about 80%. If your dog is a chronic puller, try abruptly changing directions in succession (go left, right, turn around, right, left, and so on). Before long, the dog will start paying much more attention to you and your movements. 

You now have 5 solid resolutions for your dog. Join me next week as we continue our series.