Doggy Zen With All of the Comforts of Home

Dog Sitting and Training for Sarasota and Bradenton

If boarding is not your style, then try our in home dog sitting and training service. With this option you get the best of both worlds; wonderful care for your furry friend while you are away, and a big warm welcome by a well-trained dog when you return. This option is completely customizable to meet your needs. Whether you will be gone for just a few days or a few months, we've got you covered. And we can help you decide the right amount of training to add into the mix to achieve the results you want.

With our Dog Sitting and Training packages, you are in the driver's seat. Every option is designed around your needs and your dog's needs. From how many walks per day your dog gets, down to the specifics of diet restrictions or medicinal needs, we will design a plan with you in mind. You can rest assured your favorite furry family member is getting the best care on the Suncoast. In addition, the training is also completely customized to fit your needs. Whether we need to address some basic obedience issues, or serious behavioral problems, we have to tools and techniques to give you peaceful living with your dog. Our dog sitters and trainers are certified in Pet First-Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross, and can handle a variety of situations. In addition, all of our sitters and trainers are certified in the science of canine behavior. 

Training Services Include:

  • basic skills like sit, down, and stay (using voice and hand signals)
  • leash walking
  • no jumping
  • building attention and focus
  • come when called
  • alone-time training
  • house manners
  • riding in the car
  • chew training (no biting or nipping humans)
  • impulse control, and much more!

We Can Also Address Behavior Problems Such As:

  • fear of people
  • fear of other dogs
  • hyperactivity – lack of attention and focus
  • counter surfing and food stealing
  • lack of impulse control
  • proper socialization and manners
  • pulling uncontrollably on leash
  • separation anxiety
  • resource guarding

Good CitiZEN Dog Sitting and Training packages include educational materials and individualized training goals. You will receive updates and progress reports by email each day as we work with your dog. In addition, we meet with you upon your return to share your dog’s “report card” and to pass along the lessons learned to family members. We pride ourselves in giving the best service you can find on the Suncoast. For rates, please contact us. Our packages are based on the number of sessions provided, with a minimum of 5 sessions. The more sessions you sign up for, the less it costs per session.