Socialization, Training, and a Tired Dog

Doggy Daycare and Training Options for Sarasota and Bradenton

We offer a Day Training program for the Sarasota-Bradenton area. This is a great choice for busy working professionals and families on the go who want the best for their dog. While you and your family are hard at work and school, we are too – training and nurturing your dog, at our very well run doggy day care partner facility, ACE Pet Resort

Day Training gives you amazing results. Each day when you return home, you will have a dog who is well-exercised, well-socialized, and well-trained. Three things that make for happy dogs and happy dog parents. 

Our Basic Day Training Services Include:

  • socialization and proper manners
  • basic skills like sit, down, and stay (using voice and hand signals)
  • leash walking
  • no jumping
  • building attention and focus
  • recall (coming when called)
  • impulse control, and much more!

Day Training programs include educational materials and individualized training goals. Each day you will receive a "report card" on your dog's progress, along with reference material so that you can be consistent with training at home. 

Important Information: Day Training includes either 30 or 50 minutes of intensive one-on-one training with an experienced dog trainer. Prior to beginning a Day Training program each dog is required to have a “meet and greet” at the daycare to assess social skills and the ability to participate in supervised play with other dogs. For more information please contact us at 941-251-4093 or call Jennifer at ACE Pet Resort at 941-921-4355.