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We educate you about the science of canine behavior so that you can communicate effectively with your dog.

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Good CitZEN Dog Training Suncoast will help you create a healthy, happy home for you and your dog. We put the ZEN in dog training! A good dog trainer enjoys working with people as well as their dogs. That’s our claim to fame. People and their four-legged friends all over the Suncoast of Florida enjoy working with our Good CitiZEN Trainers. A first-rate dog training service will support your needs, allow you to enjoy your new addition more, and take the stress out of your home.

Our Methods are Positive and Proven

Using positive, scientific, reward-based techniques, our experienced trainers are able to help you realize and accomplish your training goals. We educate you about the science of canine behavior so that you understand what motivates your dog – the critical element to gaining more attention and control with your pet.

What can you expect from the Good CitiZEN Dog Training experience? A dog that walks politely on a leash instead of pulling your arm off. A pet that greets visitors at your front door politely and without barking or jumping. A dog that is a calm and productive member of the family. These are the kinds of behaviors that Good CitiZEN-trained dogs proudly exhibit.

Private In Home lessons Produce Quick Results

A key benefit of In Home Training, whether for Basic Obedience, or Behavioral Problems is that the sessions can fit your schedule and include your entire family. Each one-hour session includes hands-on training by our expert to help your dog learn more quickly.

Intensive Training for Families on the go

We have several options available for busy families, working professionals, or avid travelers, with a focus on Intensive Training. The dog comes back to your home with a progress report on the training activities and we debrief you on all that your dog has learned.

Group Classes are a Popular Choice for Many

In these interactive classes, the dogs and their owners can learn and have fun with other classmates. Group classes provide important socializing opportunities, as well as a fun environment for everyone to learn. From basic to advanced obedience, and beyond, we've got a class for you. 

Aggression and Behavior Problems are Nipped in the Bud with our Advanced Meet & Greet

No dog training business on the Suncoast has the success of our very specialized Advanced Meet & Greet Class. Advanced Meet & Greet is specialty training in a supportive group atmosphere that addresses “inappropriate” behavior, primarily on-leash. Whether your dog is “over the top” with enthusiasm, or a little growly, snarly, or lunges at other dogs as you walk in your neighborhood, this class will help. The results are amazing! This class is done outdoors in parks and neighborhoods to replicate “real life” situations. With our supervision and coaching you learn to be expert dog handlers.